Saturday, January 21, 2012

Update on Phoenix and Odin

Phoenix and her brother Odin continue to improve.  Susan kept Odin and I kept Phoenix for 2 weeks.  Thankfully we were able to find an amazing new home for them!  Gail Austin essentially has a pig sanctuary.  So we were off to Missouri to take Phoenix and Odin to their new home with Gail.  Susan and I were moved to tears while watching Gail interact with her pigs.  The entire trip was extremely emotional.  Here were these tiny little babies who had just had a near death experience, we have loved them and helped them heal not only their physically wounds, but also their emotional wounds.  Any of you who have helped an animal or person through such a tragic experience know that when you let them go (whether it be a wildlife release or a domestic going to a new home) it's the most amazingly wonderful moment.  Saying goodbye was bitter sweet, but we are so confident that Gail can and WILL  provide them the best home they could ever ask for.  From factory farm to being burned to the greatest home a pig could ask for!  That's one happy ending!

These pics were taken while Phoenix was still with me.

Here are pictures from our trip to Missouri and the piggies who already live with Gail.  Oh and 3 dogs too!

More pics of the Phoenix and Odin as they come!